HELP TO FIT (LT) has a rich experience in creating a longlasting network of adult volunteers who are engaging in everyday activities with Roma community in Naujininkai district, Vilnius (Lithuania) where most of the Roma live at the moment. The organisation has expertise in preparing workshops and seminars for the adult volunteers in order to reflect on their work and developed skills, also to provide psychological and social support and to monitor the process of learning among adult volunteers through their interactions with Roma children and youth.

ROMA COMMUNITY CENTER (LT) is operating in Lithuania since 2001 and they have a rich experience in motivating and educating adult Roma in order to foster their integration into Lithuanian society. They have been using various methods of liberal and non/in formal education to orient and motivate adults and the elderly, vocational education, creating informal learning environments (using IT) and helping to develop skills needed for the changing labour market. It is a member of National Human Rights Coalition, National NGO Network for Roma Integration.


CENTER FOR EDUCATION INITIATIVES (LV) has 20 years of experience in the field of adult education and non-formal community-based initiatives. The thematic scope of the programs is related to the achievement of the goals of social integration and civic education in accordance with the EU and Latvian policy documents. They have extensive experience with the Roma community - various types of support measures and programs, including training and moderation of Roma mediators, are regularly implemented. CEI has extensive experience in initiating and promoting innovative activities and approaches, for example, Play Hubs for Roma and non-Roma Communities to include all hard to reach young children and families.

TRAJOSKO DROM (SE) is a Roma women's organisation and one of the main civil society actors within Roma inclusion work in Sweden. Their main aim is to work towards inclusion and social development for the Roma minority as a whole - but with a special focus on women´s issues. At the same time the organisation has an outspoken human rights based approach, also including all grounds of discrimination in their aim, working for equality and diversity in society. Working within a community that has a general low degree of formal education and qualified work experience, Trajosko Drom has a long-term goal of capacity building for its community members and target group that runs parallel to all other activities.