Image by Vonecia Carswell


TRUST (Teaming Up Roma and non Roma to volUnteer for Society Together) funded by Nordplus Adult program is an international Nordic/Baltic project aiming at developing innovative volunteering program for Roma and non-Roma adults based on intercultural competences and learning skills seeking mutual trust and social integration.

According to various researches, Roma encounter a variety of social barriers and prejudices that
severely impede their capacity to effectively participate in public, cultural and political life. It is also
true for the mainstream non Roma society which often avoid contact and mutual activities. TRUST
comes with a solution to presented problem by fostering development of intercultural competence
for Roma and non Roma adults through volunteering in community-based and non-formal learning


The project will also further the aims of the Council of Europe Strategic Action Plan for
Roma and Traveller Inclusion (2020-2025) in the context of supporting democratic participation and
promoting public trust and accountability, enabling access to education and combating anti-Gypsyism.
Project will be implemented by four organizations, experts in non formal adults’ education, community
building and Roma integration field, from Lithuania, Latvia and Sweden. The project will result in
publishing the Handbook of good practices and innovative volunteering program for Roma and non
Roma adult volunteers for social integration, creating the website with best practices, organizing panel
discussions and conference on this topic and organizing national “Best Volunteers for Social Integration”
awards. Project will be in interest for andragogues working with non-formal education methods, Roma
community, social workers and academics, governmental institutions and centers for adult education.